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DIY recycled kids toys & games

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on toys and games for your kids.  Here are some fun ideas for kids to make their own toys and games out of recycled materials, including cardboard boxes and tubes, paper plates, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons and tin cans.

DIY recycledkids toys (2)

Photo credits: Frugal fun 4 boys, U create, Inner child fun, hello, Wonderful, Kids activities blog, A girl with a glue gun, The craft train

This collection of recycled toys & games includes:

  • marble runs
  • play houses
  • foosball table
  • TV
  • Noah’s ark
  • building blocks
  • vehicles
  • camera
  • skittles
  • telephone
  • stilts
  • tin can toss

Build a marble run with a cardboard box and craft sticks or paper plates and cardboard tubes – from Frugal fun 4 boys.

gingerbread house

Create a life size gingerbread house from a cardboard box, paper plates and tissue paper – from Inner child fun.

cardboard doll house

Or why not try making your own dollhouse with a cardboard box and some paint – from The artful parent.


This DIY mini foosball table is perfect for kids and all you need is a cardboard box and wooden dowels and pegs – from U create.


Turn a cardboard box and tubes into your own old fashioned TV featuring your kids’ artwork – from hello, Wonderful.


Create your very own Noah’s ark with a cardboard box and some scrap fabric – from The craft train.

cardboard road

Design your own road with a cardboard box, including cut out scenery on both sides – from Non toy gifts.

cardboard tube building blocks.jpg

Make your own stackable building blocks with recycled toilet paper rolls – you could also use them for bowling pins or roll them down a slope – from Swoodson says.


Your kids can toot toot all through the house with this recycled toilet paper roll train, including recycled bottle tops for wheels – from Kids activities blog.

egg carton vehicles

They could make themselves a whole fleet of egg carton vehicles, including a fire engine, side car, tipper truck, digger, bus, pirate ship, helicopter and train – from Lost my name.


Or why not make one of these egg carton cameras for hours of creative play time – another great idea from hello, Wonderful.

tin cans

Paint some recycled tin cans for these fun play ideas, including skittles, telephones, stilts and a tin can toss game – from A girl and a glue gun.

Which one/s will your kids make this weekend?

We would love to see their creations – simply post them to Facebook or Instagram with #littlegreencrafters. 🙂

We have heaps more DIY toy crafts and recycled crafts on our Pinterest page.




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