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Fun with buttons!

funwith buttons

Photo credits: Fireflies and mud pies, I heart naptime, A crafty living, Crazy little projects, Just Deanna, Mess for less

Buttons are a wonderful craft material, because they can be used for so many different projects and activities, including:

  • button art
  • bookmarks
  • tic tac toe games
  • counting games
  • fine motor skills practice
  • jewellery & hair accessories

Here are some of our favourite button craft ideas for kids:

Button art

Use a recycled CD and buttons to make a cute turtle or snail – from Fireflies and mud pies and I heart arts and crafts.

button art

Or why not try this simple flower button art – from Craftulate.


Turn colourful buttons into fish and create a pretty underwater picture – from I heart crafty things.


Make a rainbow caterpillar with buttons and a craft stick – from Artsy craftsy mom.


Decorate gift tags with button cupcakes – from Kids chaos.



Use some colourful ribbon, hair ties and buttons to make these easy bookmarks – from Sparkles of sunshine.

button bookmarks.jpg

Or simply attach buttons to paper clips for these simple and cute little bookmarks – from I heart naptime.

Tic tac toe games


Add contrasting coloured buttons to a travel tic tac toe game – from Crazy little projects.

Counting games

counting with buttons

Use a muffin tin and cupcake liners for this fun counting game with buttons – from Mess for less.

Fine motor skills practice


This cool button stick art sculpture is great for developing fine motor skills as well as building/engineering skills – from hello, Wonderful.


Make a simple button snake to help with buttoning and fine motor skills – from Happy hooligans.

felt chain button busy bag

Or why not try these felt button chains – a perfect busy bag activity that also helps with buttoning and fine motor skills – from A crafty living.


You could also use an egg carton, ribbon and buttons to teach buttoning skills – from The OT toolbox.

Jewellery and hair accessories


Make these snazzy jazzy button bracelets with some layered buttons and ribbon – from Kids craft room.

felt button hair clips

Or make a rainbow of button and felt flower hair clips – from Just Deanna.

You can find a wide variety of buttons in your local craft store or online – just look for wooden or shell buttons as the most eco friendly options.  Cotton ribbon and wool felt is also available online.

Which one/s of these button crafts will you make with your kids?

We would love to see their creations – just post them to Facebook or Instagram with #littlegreencrafters. 🙂

We have lots more fun craft ideas on our Pinterest page:


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