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Benefits of puppets for kids

Kids can enjoy hours of fun and entertainment with puppets, but there are lots of important things they can learn from them too, including:

  • imagination and creativity
  • social & emotional skills
  • language skills
  • fine motor skills

This post features some of the different kinds of puppets you and your kids could make at home, including:

  • hand and finger puppets
  • craft stick puppets
  • marionette puppets
  • paper bag puppets
  • sock puppets
  • wooden spoon puppets

benefits of puppets for kids (1)

Here are some of the benefits of puppet play for kids:

Imagination and creativity

  • Kids can use puppets to make up their own stories and pretend to be someone or something else.
  • They can also use puppets to retell familiar stories like fairy tales.
  • Through using puppets in their storytelling, they learn the difference between fantasy and reality.

Picture credits: Fun handprint artRed ted artMessy little monster

Social skills

  • Puppets can be used to teach kids important skills like manners, rules, conflict resolution, kindness and empathy.
  • Role playing with puppets helps kids to see situations from another point of view.

Picture credits: Create craft love, The diary of a frugal family, Incredibusy

Emotional skills

  • Puppets can help kids express their feelings in a non-threatening way, especially difficult feelings like frustration, sadness and anxiety/fear.
  • Kids can use puppets to talk to their parents, teachers or other kids about their feelings, or as a special friend they can share their problems with.
  • Using scary puppets like lions or monsters can also help kids overcome their fears.

Picture credits: Jessica PeckKiddie matters, I heart crafty things

Language skills

  • Puppets can help kids learn how to start and carry on a conversation using both speaking and listening skills.
  • They can help kids develop confidence in reading aloud and speaking in front of other people.
  • They can also be used to help teach kids songs and rhymes.

Picture credits: Kids craft room, Oh baby, Homemade by Jill

Fine motor skills

  • Manipulating puppets helps kids develop their fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.
  • Through playing with puppets they learn which fingers to use to make heads, arms and legs move.

Picture credits: I heart crafty things, The craft trainTo be a kid again

What do your kids like to do with puppets and which one is their favourite?

We would love to see your kids and their puppets in action – just post pics to Facebook or Instagram with #littlegreencrafters. 🙂

Check out our wide range of puppet making ideas on our Pinterest page here.


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