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Fun ways to learn about shapes

There are so many fun ways for kids to learn about shapes:

  • making shapes out of different types of materials, such as paper and cardboard, natural materials, play dough and wooden craft sticks
  • stamping shapes with sponges and cardboard tubes
  • playing shape matching games
  • looking for shapes in salt trays
  • wrapping yarn around paper plate shape frames
  • driving cars around shape road tracks



Here are some of our favourite ways for kids to learn about shapes!

Paper shapes

3D foldable shapes from Math geek Mama

Print the free printables onto card stock and let the kids have fun colouring in, cutting out and putting together the shapes.  You can then talk about the different kinds of 3D shapes, like cubes and prisms, and go on a shape hunt to find them in real life.

Shapes and colors from Hillmade

Print and cut out shapes from white paper, then cut out shapes from coloured paper and let your child match the coloured shapes to the white shapes.  You can also use this activity for colour matching.

Fish for shapes from Little family fun

Make your own simple shapes fishing game with paper and paper clips and a magnet attached to a pole with string.

Shapes from natural materials and play dough

Nature shapes from Mac n taters

Go on a nature hunt and collect some rocks to make your own nature shapes.  You could also use flowers, leaves, bark, sticks, grass, shells, gumnuts and more!

Exploring shapes with play dough from Nurture Store

Make some simple shape cards, then add play dough and cookie cutters and let your kids make shapes with the dough.  Talk about the different shapes and the number of sides and corners, match the word cards to the cookie cutters, look at the space left in the dough when you take the shape out, or try other fun maths activities with the shapes.

Shape art

Learning shapes: sponge stamped triangle collage from Buggy and buddy

Sponge painting is a fun, creative way for young children to learn about shapes.  Just cut the sponges into different triangle sizes and use some colourful paint to stamp them onto coloured paper.

Printing with cardboard shape tubes from The imagination tree

Recycle old cardboard rolls to make your own shape printers that are easy for little hands to hold.  Toddlers can use the shape printers to make shapes of all different sizes and colours.

Fine motor skills 

Shape matching clip cards for toddlers from Simple fun for kids

Use the free printables to make your own shape matching cards.  To play, kids clip a wooden clothes peg onto the shape that matches the picture on the card.

Salt box discoveries from Gift of curiosity

Place sheets of simple coloured shapes in a shallow tray, cover with salt and let kids just brush away the salt to reveal the shapes.

Learn about shapes using paper plates and yarn from Laughing kids learn

Cut basic shapes out of painted paper plates and wrap matching coloured yarn around the shape frames.  You can also talk about the properties of the different shapes, like which ones have edges and points.

Sticky shapes

Velcro dot craft stick shapes from Powerful mothering

Attach velcro dots to giant craft sticks and your kids can join them together to make different shapes.  They can also be used for colour recognition and simple busy bags.

Cardboard box shape puzzle from A crafty living

Cut out basic cardboard shapes, trace them onto a large piece of cardboard and attach velcro to all the shapes.  Kids then match the shape pieces to complete the puzzle.

Felt shapes

Sandpaper and felt shape match board from Craftulate

This time cut shapes out of wool felt, trace around them with crayon onto sandpaper, colour in the sandpaper shapes, then match up the felt shapes.  The felt attaches easily to the sandpaper, which also adds texture to the activity.

Shapes and colors memory game from Dandee

Attach coloured wool felt shapes to wood discs to make your own shapes and colours memory game.  You can store the discs in a cotton bag.

Giant shapes

Giant shape match activity from Busy toddler

Stick a large piece of paper to the floor, trace around some different shaped wooden blocks, then let your kids match the blocks to the shapes on the paper.

Learning shapes with toy cars from Adventures and play

Make shape road tracks out of sandpaper and white tape and kids can start driving their cars around the different shapes.  Through their play they can also learn the names of the shapes, count the corners on each shape, see how many cars can fit on each shape and more!

What is your kids’ favourite shapes activity?

We would love to see their creations – just post pics to Facebook or Instagram with #littlegreencrafters. 🙂

You can find more literacy and numeracy activities, including shapes, on our Pinterest page here.










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