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Outdoor play with painted rocks

Rock painting has several benefits for kids.  It is a great way to get them outside and doing something active and creative.  It provides a wonderful sensory experience with the smooth feel of the rocks and the squishiness of the paints, and the materials you need are cheap and easy to find.

In this post we have some of our favourite ideas for painting rocks for outdoor play, including:

  • outdoor activity jars
  • garden treasure hunts
  • mud kitchen play food
  • plant markers
  • pet cactus rocks
  • tic tac toe games

painting rocksforoutdoor play (1)

Outdoor activity rocks from Edventures with kids

Make a list of all the fun things your kids like to do outdoors then paint them onto rocks to create your own outdoor activity jar.

choose-your-activity (1)

Garden treasure hunt with painted rocks from One perfect day

Collect some rocks on a nature hunt, decorate them with bright colours, then hide them in the garden for a fun treasure hunt.


Mud kitchen food from Munchkins and moms

Make your own easy-to-clean play food for an outdoor mud kitchen.

mud kitchen rood

Stone plant markers from Rainy day mum

These plant markers made from rocks are perfect for your flower and vegetable garden.


How to make garden markers by painting stones from Adventure in a box

Give these cute vegetable garden markers some personality with silly expressions.


Pet cactus rocks from The best ideas for kids

Make your own little family of cute pet cactus rocks – no green thumb required!


Tic tac toe games

Tic tac toe is a perfect outdoor game for kids of all ages.  It’s great for preschoolers who have short attention spans, because it is quick and easy to play, and for older kids, it gives them the added fun of competition. It also teaches kids some valuable skills, such as logic, reasoning and strategy, hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, and how to be a good sport.

Here is some inspiration for you to make your own colourful tic tac toe games with decorated rocks.

Garden tic tac toe from Color me happy


Colourful tic tac toe rocks from Run wild my child


Painted rock tic tac toe game from Handmade Charlotte


Painted tic tac toe rocks from Eighteen25


Tic tac toe with bees and ladybirds from Red Ted Art


Tic tac toe with ladybugs and frogs from AttaGirlSays


DIY tic tac toe game with strawberries and kiwifruit from Everyday dishes


What do your kids like to decorate rocks with?

We would love to see their creations – just post to Facebook or Instagram with #littlegreencrafters. 🙂

You can find heaps more rock painting and decorating ideas on our Pinterest page here.

This is part of a series about rock painting.  Click on the links below for more!

Sharing kindness with painted rocks


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