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Learning with painted rocks

Painted rocks make wonderful, literacy and numeracy resources for kids of all ages and they also make ideal gifts.  Kids learn more effectively through hands-on learning, and it makes it more fun too!

learning with painted rocks

Alphabet rocks

Alphabet rocks are so easy to make and can be used for lots of different learning activities.  Kids can use these for:

  • learning how to spell their own names and the names of family members
  • matching letters to ones written on paper
  • making CVC words and sounding out the individual letters
  • finding letters as you call them out in a treasure hunt
  • building sight words
  • challenging themselves to learn bigger words from their favourite books
  • playing in the sand pit and sensory tubs
  • displaying on the fridge with magnets

As they practice making and reading the letters independently, they will soon learn them by heart, and they will have fun in the process!

DIY alphabet pebbles for literacy play from The imagination tree

Painted name rocks from Mama Papa Bubba


Alphabet rocks from I am Momma – hear me roar

alphabet rocks

Letter blends/sight words rocks

Letter blends are combinations of 2 letters to make up sounds that make up words, eg ch, th, sh, ck.  They can be used for building words and sounding them out.

Sight words are high frequency words that cannot be sounded out, so they need to be learned separately.  You can add to your collection of sight words rocks as your kids come across them in the books they read.  They can be used to make their own sentences and to match them to words in their books.  They also make a great addition to sand/water tables and sensory tubs.

Word building with letter blends rock letters from The OT toolbox

Sight word pebbles for literacy play from The imagination tree


Colour rocks

Painted rocks are perfect for learning colours and you can add other elements, like trains, dominoes and shapes, to add to their learning and make it even more fun!

Colour rocks can also be used to learn about rainbows and patterning.

Train rocks for teaching colors from Color made happy

train rocks

Color rock dominoes from The house that Lars built

Teaching shapes and colors with rainbow rocks from Fun a day


Stack a stone rainbow from Adventures and play

Superhero inspired pattern stones from Rainy day mum

Number rocks

Kids can use these for:

  • learning number recognition
  • matching numbers/dots to a corresponding set of dots
  • counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
  • learning to tell the time

You can add other elements like butterflies and dominoes to make them more engaging, interesting and fun!

DIY butterfly number stones from Crafts on sea

A fun way to learn counting from Color made happy

Rainbow rock clock for preschoolers from The Kavanaugh report

Painted rocks can be dominoes from Just imagine


What is your kids’ favourite way to learn with painted rocks?

We would love to see your/their creations – just post to Facebook or Instagram with #littlegreencrafters. 🙂

We have heaps more rock painting and decorating ideas on our Pinterest page here.

This is part of a series about rock painting and decorating.  Click on the links below for more.

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