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Strictly no elephants book and crafts

Strictly no elephants by Lisa Mantchen and Taeeun Yoo

This is a story about a young boy and his pet elephant, who are turned away from the local pet club, so they start their own with a collection of other unusual pets, including a skunk, hedgehog, penguin and shark.  There are some wonderful lessons about the true meaning of friendship – being thoughtful, helping each other, and most importantly, making everyone feel welcome and included.


Here are some fun facts about elephants:

  • Elephants are the largest mammals living on land. African elephants can measure up to nearly 4 metres from shoulder to toe and weigh up to 6000kg+, while Asian elephants can measure up to 3 metres from shoulder to toe and weigh up to around 5000kg.
  • Elephants are herbivores, which means they only eat plants, grasses, roots, fruit, twigs and bark.  Elephants eat for up to 16 hours per day.
  • Elephants’ trunks are an extension of their upper lip and nose and measure 2 metres long and weigh 140kg.  Elephants use their trunks for breathing, assessing potential threats and unfamiliar ground, bringing food and water to their mouths, storing water and bathing, helping to knock down trees, communicating with other elephants, and lifting and moving their young.
  • Elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump, trot or gallop, but they can swim and use their trunk as a snorkel.
  • Female elephants have the longest pregnancies of all mammals – nearly 2 years!
  • Elephants use sand and mud as a sunscreen to protect themselves from sunburn.
  • Elephants are very intelligent and emotionally sensitive.  They celebrate the return of long-lost friends and express grief when another elephant dies.
  • Elephant tusks are incisor teeth made from ivory and are used for defense, digging for water, tearing bark off trees and lifting things.  Elephants usually prefer one tusk over another, similar to left and right handedness in humans.
  • Elephants have poor eyesight, but excellent hearing.
  • Elephants are not afraid of mice, but are afraid of bees.

elephantbook & craft

Here are some of our favourite elephant crafts!

Paper plate elephant from Glued to my crafts (this is our most popular pin on Pinterest!)


Paper plate elephant puppet craft from I heart crafty things

elephant puppet

Paper plate elephant from Crafty morning


How to make a paper elephant from Crafts for kids


Elephant craft for kids using crumpled newspaper from Buggy and buddy

newspaper elephant

How to make a cardboard tube elephant from Kids craft room


Toilet tube animals from Creative me inspired you

toilet tube elephant


DIY no sew sock elephant from Sweet tea & saving grace

sock elephant

Hand print elephants from The married life blog

hand print elephant

Sponge painted Elmer the elephant from Buggy and buddy


Milk jug Elmer elephant craft from The imagination tree


Tissue paper cutout elephant from An elephant a day

Final elephant

What is your kids’ favourite elephant craft?

We would love to see their creations – just post to Facebook or Instagram with #littlegreencrafters. 🙂

You can find heaps more fun book based crafts on our Pinterest page here.


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