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Sensational scissor skills

Learning how to use scissors is important for:

  • fine motor skills development for holding pencils and crayons, drawing, painting and writing, picking up and manipulating objects, getting dressed, brushing teeth, using cutlery
  • hand-eye coordination as they hold the paper with one hand and use the scissors with the other while following the line where they are cutting
  • bilateral coordination, which involves using both sides of the body at the same time while doing something different with each hand
  • focus and concentration, to make sure they are cutting how, what and where they are supposed to


Tips for teaching scissor skills:

  • start with good quality, blunt ended scissors
  • wrap tape on the thumb hole and put a sticker or mark on their thumb so they know where to put their thumb and hold the scissors the right way up
  • start with ripping paper and snipping small things like play dough, paint chips and straws
  • move onto making fringes, then cutting straight lines, zigzag lines, circles and right angles

How to teach scissor cutting skills from Pre-K pages


Here are some fun ideas for kids to practice scissor skills:

  • catalogues, magazines and newspaper
  • recycled cardboard boxes and tubes
  • construction paper/card and scrapbook paper
  • paper bags and plates
  • crepe paper/streamers and tissue paper
  • cupcake liners
  • food labels/wrappers
  • napkins/serviettes
  • paint chips
  • aluminium foil and baking paper/wax paper
  • sponges
  • straws
  • pipe cleaners
  • rubber bands
  • fabric and felt
  • ribbon, string and wool/yarn
  • tape
  • play dough
  • herbs, grass, leaves, twigs and flowers
  • sliced bread, cheese and deli meat
  • lolly snakes and marshmallows
  • cooked pasta

Setting up a cutting busy box from A crafty living

cutting busy box






Scissor skills practice with play dough from Modern preschool

play-dough-scissor-skills 2

play-dough-scissor-skills 1

Nature cuttings – outdoor scissor skills activity from No time for flash cards


Here are some fun craft activities for practicing scissor skills:

Paper feather craft and scissors practice from A little pinch of perfect


Snipping Sammy Scissors from Lalymom

snipping sammy scissors

Scissor skills octopus from Minieco


What is hiding in the grass cutting activity from School time snippets

cuttinggrass Collage

Flower scissor skills craft from The OT toolbox

cupcake liner flowers

Circle rainbows from Housing a forest


Circle art to explore shapes and scissor skills from Nurture Store


Name snowflakes from Childhood 101


More than just paper dolls from Picklebums


Cut and make faces and hairstyles from Krokotak

cut and make

What do your kids like to cut with scissors?

Share your tips for teaching scissor skills in the comments below – we would love to see your ideas!

You can find more fine motor skills activities on our Pinterest page here.








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