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20 fabulous bird feeders

If you are looking for a fun activity to get your kids outdoors, these bird feeders are a great project that you can do together.  It’s also a great opportunity for your kids to do some bird watching and learn more about the different kinds of birds that are attracted to your garden and the bird feeders.

They are cheap and easy to make with simple ingredients and supplies, including:

  • birdseed, cereal, fruit peels and scraps, peanut butter, popcorn and other seeds
  • biscuit/cookie cutters and cake pans
  • pine cones
  • toilet paper rolls
  • milk cartons and jugs
  • wooden bird houses, frames and craft sticks
  • paper bowls

20 fabulous bird feeders

Bird feeders from Messy Little Monster

bird feeders light

Bird feeders from Eighteen 25

bird feeders

Kid made bird feeder wreath from Sugar Spice and Glitter


5 minute bird feeders from Made Everyday

pine cone bird feeders

Cheerio bird feeder from 365 Days of Pinterest

cheerios bird feeder

Homemade bird feeders with fruit scraps and popcorn from Happy Hooligans


Orange bird feeder from Made With Happy


How to make a peanut butter bird feeder from Go Grow Go


Egg carton bird feeder from The Creative Cubby

Egg Carton Bird Feeder 09

Wildlife projects for kids: Milk jug bird feeders from Great Stems


Juice carton crafts: owl bird feeder from Red Ted Art


Collage birdhouses from Happiness is Handmade


Birdhouse craft for kids from Craft Create Cook


How to make a recycled can bird feeder from Momtastic

tin can bird feeder

DIY ombre tin can bird feeder from The Happier Homemaker


Tin can flowers from We Made That

flower bird feeder

Junk store birdhouse from Fave Crafts


Homemade bird feeders using frames from Buggy and Buddy

frame bird feeder

Popsicle stick bird feeders from The Whoot


Paper bowl bird feeder for kids to make from Non Toy Gifts


What is your kids’ favourite bird feeder?

You can find heaps more fun bird feeder ideas on our Pinterest page here.


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