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Make your own natural, kid-safe slime!

Slime seems to be all the rage at the moment, with hundreds of different slime recipes on Pinterest.  The standard slime recipe consists of borax and white school glue, but they are not the best ingredients for younger kids to be playing with. Borax can cause skin irritation and white school glue contains chemicals.

The good news is that there are slime recipes that do not contain borax or white glue and are totally natural and safe for little ones.   All of these slime variations are edible, with ingredients such as cornflour, gelatin, and psyllium husks, so they are safe for kids who still put things in their mouths.  Best of all, slime is perfect for hours of fun, sensory play!

** PLEASE NOTE: Even though these are edible slime recipes, we don’t recommend your child eats a lot of it, and they should always be supervised when playing with slime.

Make your own natural, kid-safe slime

Edible slime from Starburst candy from Teach Beside Me is a combination of melted Starburst, icing sugar and cornflour – yum!


Chocolate AND slime – what could be better? This delicious edible chocolate slime from The Soccer Mom Blog is safe for both playing and eating!


How to make edible taffy slime you can really eat is another super fun edible slime from Schooling a Monkey that is also a cool science lesson.

Edible taffy slime

Taste science with edible gelatin slime from Little Bins for Little Hands – a great way to combine STEAM and messy play!


The Empowered Educator has an easy sensory slime recipe for play based on psyllium husks (Metamucil) that is safe for little ones to put in their mouths.

slime with psyllium husks

No cook edible chia, flax and seedless slime recipes from Fun at Home with Kids combines xanthan gum, cornflour and food colouring, with optional chia seeds or flax seeds for added texture.  Soooo stretchy!

no cook chia flax seedless slime

What is your kids favourite slime?

You can find more natural and safe slime recipes and other sensory play ideas on our Pinterest page here.



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