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Wonderful weaving looms

Weaving is a simple, fun activity kids can do with scraps of wool/yarn and their own homemade looms.  Looms can be made from:

  • cardboard
  • paper plates, cups and straws
  • wooden craft sticks and embroidery hoops
  • recycled CDs
  • branches, sticks and twigs
  • hula hoops

Some of the things kids can make with weaving include:

  • bookmarks
  • accessories for dolls and stuffed toys
  • wall hangings
  • scarves, necklaces and bracelets
  • decorative cups and coasters
  • nature art

Just like finger knitting, weaving is calming and relaxing, helps with concentration, and strengthens fine motor skills.

wonderful weaving looms

Here are some of our favourite weaving project ideas!


Cardboard loom weaving activity for kids from Happy Hooligans


Easy cardboard circle weaving for kids from hello, Wonderful


How to make a simple box loom weaving from Tinkerlab


Paper plate weaving from Red Ted Art

rainbow paper plate weaving

Rainbow paper plate weaving from Pink Stripey Socks


4 weaving projects for kids from Oh Creative Day


Paper cup weaving craft for kids to make and gift from Laughing Kids Learn

straw weaving loom

How to make a drinking straw weaving loom from Mama Smiles


Woven CD hot air balloon from Arty Crafty Kids


Weaving with kids from Art Bar Blog


Nature weavings from Artzy Creations

Here is something your kids can make with their finger knitting!

(See previous post for finger knitting tutorials here)


Woven finger knitting hula hoop rug from Flax and Twine


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