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10 string art projects for kids

String art is usually made on pieces of wood, but you can also make string art with embroidery hoops, cardboard and even recycled milk bottles!

Some of these projects use embroidery floss, but you could also use wool/yarn to make the colours stand out better.  You can choose to weave single threads between the nails, or go over them multiple times, depending on how you want it to look.

10 string art projects for kids

Here are some of our favourite string art projects for kids:


Step by step string art tutorial for beginners from Feels Like Home

rainbow string art

Rainbow string art tutorial from Sunshine and Munchkins


Chick string art from My Frugal Adventures


Easy DIY string art gift idea from The Homes I Have Made


DIY string art ice cream cone from A Mother Thing


String art for kids from Pulling Curls


Flower string art from Easy Peasy and Fun


DIY string art mini embroidery hoop ornaments from hello, Wonderful

star string art

Star weaving from Ramadan Joy

1 embroidery thread string art milk gallon container necklace 1

String art thread and milk jug necklace from Pink Stripey Socks

You can find more fun string art projects for kids on our Pinterest page here.

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