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Science experiments with food

When kids do science experiments, they are learning about:

  • how to answer the questions they have about the world around them
  • the wide variety of ingredients and materials they have available to experiment with, and what they can use them for
  • problem solving & critical thinking skills – what ingredients/materials and processes they need to get the result they want and how to modify/adapt them if needed
  • cause & effect – how things can change in size, shape, colour and texture when you mix different ingredients/materials together
  • patience & perseverance as they test different ideas and wait for the results
  • communication skills and increased vocabulary through writing about their experiments and recording results
  • how to determine fact from fiction and use evidence to form their own opinions and make decisions

Kids can do their own science experiments at home, using ingredients you probably have in your pantry, including:

  • rice
  • bicarbonate soda
  • vinegar
  • food colouring
  • eggs
  • lollies and sugar
  • celery
  • milk

science experiments with food

Here are some of our favourite ways of experimenting with food:

dancing rice

Dancing rice science experiment for kids from Buggy and Buddy


Lemon volcano from Babble Dabble Do


Fizzing colours from Happy Hooligans


Floating egg science experiment from Fantastic Fun and Learning


3 insanely cool egg experiments from Playdough to Plato


Egg painting with vinegar from iGameMom

skittles science experiment

Skittles science experiment from Science Sparks


Rainbow water challenge – sugar water density experiment from My Kids Lick the Bowl


Celery science experiment for kids from Coffee Cups and Crayons


Color changing milk experiment from Kids Activities Blog

You can find heaps more fun STEM activities for kids on our Pinterest page here.



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