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Dinosaur small world play for kids

Our blog post Setting up small world play for kids has been so popular, we thought we would break it down into different types of small worlds.  Today’s theme is dinosaurs.

Small world play gives kids wonderful opportunities to act out real or imagined stories using small objects that can fit into a small play space.

You could use small plastic dinosaur toys in your small worlds, or you could make your own eco-friendly dinosaurs from felt and clothespins or recycled cardboard tubes/boxes.

Make your own dinosaurs for small world play:


Felt clothespin dinosaurs from Crafts by Amanda


Cardboard dinosaur craft from Parenting Chaos


Toilet roll dinosaurs from The Craft Train

In these dinosaur small world play spaces you will find:

  • sand, soil/potting mix
  • play dough and cloud dough
  • dried beans
  • coloured gravel, pebbles, rocks and stones
  • driftwood, moss, small plants and trees, wood slices
  • shells
  • coloured glass gems
  • wooden blocks and pegs
  • fabric scraps, felt, pom poms and ribbons
  • aluminium foil, cellophane, paper and paper cups
  • recycled cardboard boxes, tubes, bottles, jars, lids and egg cartons

dinosaur small world play

Make your own dinosaur small world play spaces:


Dinosaur small world play from Simple Everyday Mom

Contents: sand, coloured gravel, small rocks, moss, miniature trees, water


Dinosaur sensory bin from Fantastic Fun and Learning

Contents: sand, dried beans, coloured glass gems, small pebbles and rocks, shells, moss, small eggs, miniature trees

playdough dinosaur kit

Dinosaur play dough kit from Mama Papa Bubba

Contents: play dough, miniature trees, driftwood, blue glass gems, small rocks and pebbles

dinosaur small world in a box

Dinosaur small world in a box from Messy Little Monster

Contents: recycled cardboard box, cloud dough, paper cup, aluminium foil, red ribbon, miniature trees, pine cones


DIY dinosaur habitat from Sunny Day Family

Contents: green felt, wooden bowl, recycled egg carton, mulch, sticks, leaves, tree clippings


Dinosaur succulent garden from The Craft Train

Contents: round terracotta pot, potting mix, large, medium and small rocks, succulents, blue glass gems


Dinosaur small world tyre from Play at Home Teacher

Contents: recycled tyre, soil, compost, small plants, wood slices, rocks, gravel


Make a dinosaur garden from Picklebums

Contents: potting mix, small plants, aluminium foil, rocks and small pebbles, small sticks, printable dinosaurs


Paper mache dinosaur cave from Crayon Box Chronicles

Contents: recycled materials – paper, bottles, jars, lids, cardboard tubes; moss, rocks, blue glass gems and paper


Dinosaur small world with homemade volcanoes from Still Playing School

Contents: recycled egg cartons and cardboard tubes, paper, rocks/stones

dinosaur small world.png

Dinosaur small world from Play Adventures

Contents: blue play silk/fabric, rocks/stones, recycled cardboard tubes, green cellophane


Small world dinosaur play from Childhood 101

Contents: recycled cardboard, aluminium foil, clay, small rocks, fabric, wooden blocks and pegs, paper


Cardboard box small world play from The Imagination Tree

Contents: recycled cardboard box, small rocks/pebbles

dinosaur small world

Dinosaur small world from Little Worlds, Big Adventures

Contents: green blanket, hard cover book, wooden bowl, basket, fabric scraps, stones, sticks, leaves, pine cones, driftwood, shells, glass gems

dino world play mat

Dino world play mat from Fun at Home with Kids

Contents: felt, sandpaper, shells, sticks, moss, pine needles, pom poms

You can find heaps more fun small world play ideas on our Pinterest page here and dinosaur craft ideas here.


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