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Farm small world play for kids

Our blog post Setting up small world play for kids has been so popular, we thought we would break it down into different types of small worlds.  Today’s theme is farm animals.

Small world play gives kids wonderful opportunities to act out real or imagined stories using small objects that can fit into a small play space.  Stories/songs you could act out within a farm small world might include The 3 little pigs, Old McDonald had a farm, or 5 little ducks.

You could use small plastic or wooden farm animals in your small worlds, or you could make your own eco-friendly farm animals from felt.

Make your own farm animals

farm finger puppets

How to make finger puppets from Oh Baby!

In these small worlds you will find:

  • recycled cardboard boxes, juice cartons, small containers, egg cartons, bubble wrap
  • paper and paper straws
  • wooden craft sticks, blocks and trees
  • grass, hay, moss, gravel, small rocks, feathers, pine cones
  • grains, black beans, split peas, popping corn, dyed rice, rice puffs, coffee grounds, oats, cooked spaghetti, cocoa powder, flour
  • felt, fabric and burlap scraps. wool/yarn, pipe cleaners

farm small world play fb cover

How to make your own farm small world play spaces


Farm small play with barn craft from Crayon Box Chronicles

Contents: recycled cardboard box, wooden craft sticks, grass, hay, grains, black beans, yellow split peas, rocks, felt scraps, burlap


Farm sensory play from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

Contents: popping corn, recycled juice carton and cardboard box, wooden blocks


Tractor and farm small world play from Stay at Home Educator

Contents: felt, burlap, dyed rice, small recycled containers, rocks, mirror

* make your own pumpkins out of felt


Simple small worlds: farm world from Fun at Home with Kids

Contents: wooden craft sticks, paper, gravel, rice puffs, dried coffee grounds, grass


Preschool farm theme small world play from Simple Everyday Mom

Contents: Hay, cooked spaghetti, food dye, cocoa powder, flour

farm small world

Farm small world from Craftulate

Contents: play dough, coffee grains, cocoa powder, oats, grains/bulgur wheat, split peas, wooden craft sticks and trees, small rocks, moss, paper and paper straws, felt house


Cereal box small world farm from Crafty Kids at Home

Contents: recycled cardboard box, egg carton, bubble wrap, felt scraps, wool/yarn, feathers, pipe cleaners


Cardboard box small world play from The Imagination Tree

Contents: recycled cardboard box, wooden blocks, rocks, pine cones

fabric farm

Fabric farm from An Idea on Tuesday

Contents: fabric scraps


How to set up a farm small world with fabric scraps from Little Worlds Big Adventures

Contents: fabric scraps

You can find heaps more fun small world play ideas on our Pinterest page here, recycled crafts here, sensory activities here and fabric scraps crafts here.

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