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Creative self portraits for kids

Self portraits are a great way for kids to express their own unique personality and creativity. They can also be used to illustrate themselves as superheroes, mermaids or other imaginative characters. Self portraits can be just faces, where kids focus on their different facial features, like the colour and shape of their eyes. as well… Continue reading Creative self portraits for kids

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25 DIY creative paint stamps

Stamping is a simple way for kids to be creative, and can be used to create lots of different shapes and patterns on paper or fabric.  You can display the artwork in your home, or use it to decorate greeting cards and wrapping paper.  Stamping is also great for strengthening fine motor skills. Paint stamps… Continue reading 25 DIY creative paint stamps

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Fabulous fabric scrap crafts

Do you have a pile of fabric scraps lying around at home?  Don't throw them away! You can turn them into some fabulous things, like: hair accessories dolls, games and toys keychains and bracelets hot/cold packs and small bags wreaths bookmarks flowers belts bunting and wall hangings twine Here are some of our favourite fabric… Continue reading Fabulous fabric scrap crafts

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DIY tic tac toe games

Tic-tac-toe is a classic game where kids can learn: strategy needed to get three in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, while blocking their opponent from doing the same being a good sport, whether they win or lose the game turn taking colour and pattern recognition Tic tac toe game pieces can be made with:… Continue reading DIY tic tac toe games

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Brilliant bookmarks

Today we are sharing some of our favourite bookmark crafts for your kids to keep their place in the books they read. They can make these bookmarks out of: wooden craft sticks fabric felt ribbon wool/yarn buttons paper/card How to make a no sew fabric bookmark from Swoodson Says Make a bookmark in 5 minutes… Continue reading Brilliant bookmarks

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Awesome road trip activity kits

We used to travel a lot when my brothers and I were kids, and the only travel game I remember playing was "I spy".  I'm sure some of these activity kits would have come in handy for us kids, as well as for my parents' sanity! Here are some of our favourite kids activity kits… Continue reading Awesome road trip activity kits

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20 creative Christmas cards & wrap

This is the latest post in our series of Christmas crafts for your kids to try this year. In today's post we are sharing some of our favourite Christmas cards and wrapping paper ideas that kids can make from: painting marbling paper washi tape paint chips buttons leaves felt ribbon Christmas card thumbprint string of… Continue reading 20 creative Christmas cards & wrap