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Learning maths with clothes pegs

Clothes pegs are a cheap, fun way for kids to learn about numbers, counting and telling the time, as well as developing fine motor skills.  Combine them with craft sticks, DIY clip cards, leaves, paper plates and even string! Here are some of our favourite ideas for learning maths with clothes pegs! Missing number math… Continue reading Learning maths with clothes pegs

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Magnificent marble runs to make

Your kids can design and make their own magnificent marble runs with some simple things you probably have at home, including: paper plates & straws cardboard boxes & tubes other recycled materials wooden craft/dowel sticks Here are some of our favourite marble run ideas! Paper plates Design a paper plate marble maze from Buggy and… Continue reading Magnificent marble runs to make

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Magical fairy gardens

Today we are sharing some ideas for your kids to create their own magical fairy gardens at home using eco-friendly materials. Fairy gardens are great for: getting kids in the garden, learning about different plants, and connecting them with nature fine motor skills development - putting in plants, making and placing miniature features engineering -… Continue reading Magical fairy gardens

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Sensational scissor skills

Learning how to use scissors is important for: fine motor skills development for holding pencils and crayons, drawing, painting and writing, picking up and manipulating objects, getting dressed, brushing teeth, using cutlery hand-eye coordination as they hold the paper with one hand and use the scissors with the other while following the line where they… Continue reading Sensational scissor skills

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Learning with painted rocks

Painted rocks make wonderful, literacy and numeracy resources for kids of all ages and they also make ideal gifts.  Kids learn more effectively through hands-on learning, and it makes it more fun too! Alphabet rocks Alphabet rocks are so easy to make and can be used for lots of different learning activities.  Kids can use… Continue reading Learning with painted rocks

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Make your own story stones

Story stones are props that are used to create or retell stories.  They may be used to represent the characters (eg people, animals), settings (eg the beach) and objects (eg food, houses, transport) in the stories. Kids can use story stones to: tell their own stories based on a particular theme, eg going to the… Continue reading Make your own story stones

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Paper mache for kids

Paper mache literally means "chewed paper" in French.  The traditional method for making paper mache is soaking strips of paper in glue/paste and then placing them over a base/mould.  Once the paper mache is dry, it can be decorated with paints. ** IMPORTANT ** Make sure the glue is completely dry before painting your paper… Continue reading Paper mache for kids