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25 DIY creative paint stamps

Stamping is a simple way for kids to be creative, and can be used to create lots of different shapes and patterns on paper or fabric.  You can display the artwork in your home, or use it to decorate greeting cards and wrapping paper.  Stamping is also great for strengthening fine motor skills. Paint stamps… Continue reading 25 DIY creative paint stamps

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Beautiful pine cone crafts

Do you have pine cones lying around on the ground near your home?  Why not get the kids outside to collect some of them and make some beautiful pine cone art and crafts!  Just add a few other natural or inexpensive craft materials to turn them into: mobiles and decorations animals and birds fairies and… Continue reading Beautiful pine cone crafts

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Creating with clay

Creating with clay is a wonderful sensory experience and strengthens fine motor skills, as kids squeeze it, squash, it, roll it and mould it with their hands.  Air dry clay is easy to work with and dries naturally - no need to bake in the oven! You can create things with clay by adding natural… Continue reading Creating with clay

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Magnificent mandala art

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle" and is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe.  Mandalas have been used for centuries for meditation and creating art. Some of the benefits of mandala art for kids: expressing creativity and feelings calming and relaxing developing fine motor skills, focus and concentration learning maths… Continue reading Magnificent mandala art

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Friendly spider crafts for kids

These friendly spider crafts would go well with the song "Incy Wincy Spider" or the book "The very busy spider" by Eric Carle. You can make spiders from: paint cardboard and paper plates egg cartons, tin cans and bottle caps pegs and pipe cleaners wool/yarn pine cones, rocks and sticks Here are some of our… Continue reading Friendly spider crafts for kids

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10 string art projects for kids

String art is usually made on pieces of wood, but you can also make string art with embroidery hoops, cardboard and even recycled milk bottles! Some of these projects use embroidery floss, but you could also use wool/yarn to make the colours stand out better.  You can choose to weave single threads between the nails,… Continue reading 10 string art projects for kids

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20 fun pom pom crafts

Who can resist pom poms?  They are bright and colourful and so easy to make!  Plus you can use them in so many ways: mobiles and garlands gift tags ornaments/decorations pencil toppers and key rings fun toys for kids to play with   Here are some of our favourite pom pom crafts for kids! Pinecone… Continue reading 20 fun pom pom crafts