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DIY wooden blocks

You don't need to spend a lot of money on wooden blocks for your kids to play with - you can paint and decorate your own!  You can decorate plain wooden blocks with: liquid watercolours and food dyes paint felt tip, chalk or paint markers crayons chalk paint and chalk stickers and washi tape fabric… Continue reading DIY wooden blocks

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25 DIY creative paint stamps

Stamping is a simple way for kids to be creative, and can be used to create lots of different shapes and patterns on paper or fabric.  You can display the artwork in your home, or use it to decorate greeting cards and wrapping paper.  Stamping is also great for strengthening fine motor skills. Paint stamps… Continue reading 25 DIY creative paint stamps

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Fabulous fabric scrap crafts

Do you have a pile of fabric scraps lying around at home?  Don't throw them away! You can turn them into some fabulous things, like: hair accessories dolls, games and toys keychains and bracelets hot/cold packs and small bags wreaths bookmarks flowers belts bunting and wall hangings twine Here are some of our favourite fabric… Continue reading Fabulous fabric scrap crafts

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20 fun pom pom crafts

Who can resist pom poms?  They are bright and colourful and so easy to make!  Plus you can use them in so many ways: mobiles and garlands gift tags ornaments/decorations pencil toppers and key rings fun toys for kids to play with   Here are some of our favourite pom pom crafts for kids! Pinecone… Continue reading 20 fun pom pom crafts

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Wonderful weaving looms

Weaving is a simple, fun activity kids can do with scraps of wool/yarn and their own homemade looms.  Looms can be made from: cardboard paper plates, cups and straws wooden craft sticks and embroidery hoops recycled CDs branches, sticks and twigs hula hoops Some of the things kids can make with weaving include: bookmarks accessories… Continue reading Wonderful weaving looms

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Cool ways to learn colours

There are so many different fun ways for kids to learn about colours. You can do colour exploration, matching and mixing activities with toddlers, preschoolers and older kids using: paint and liquid watercolours loose parts, including buttons and glass gems paint chips wooden clothes pegs and craft sticks paper, paper plates and cardboard stickers egg… Continue reading Cool ways to learn colours

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Sensory play with ice

When it's hot outside these school holidays, why not cool your kids down with some fun sensory play with ice?! You can try: coloured ice activities, like stacking, smashing and colour mixing excavating things from ice doing science experiments with ice adding other sensory elements to ice (eg flowers, shaving cream, spices) painting on and… Continue reading Sensory play with ice