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Totally cool car tracks

You don't need to spend lots of money on car tracks for your kids play with - just make your own! Car tracks can be made/drawn with: wood bricks cardboard textas washi tape wooden craft sticks and pegs magnets upcycled fabric Here are some of our favourite ideas for making your own car tracks at… Continue reading Totally cool car tracks

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DIY tic tac toe games

Tic-tac-toe is a classic game where kids can learn: strategy needed to get three in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, while blocking their opponent from doing the same being a good sport, whether they win or lose the game turn taking colour and pattern recognition Tic tac toe game pieces can be made with:… Continue reading DIY tic tac toe games

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Wonderful weaving looms

Weaving is a simple, fun activity kids can do with scraps of wool/yarn and their own homemade looms.  Looms can be made from: cardboard paper plates, cups and straws wooden craft sticks and embroidery hoops recycled CDs branches, sticks and twigs hula hoops Some of the things kids can make with weaving include: bookmarks accessories… Continue reading Wonderful weaving looms

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Brilliant bookmarks

Today we are sharing some of our favourite bookmark crafts for your kids to keep their place in the books they read. They can make these bookmarks out of: wooden craft sticks fabric felt ribbon wool/yarn buttons paper/card How to make a no sew fabric bookmark from Swoodson Says Make a bookmark in 5 minutes… Continue reading Brilliant bookmarks

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Cool ways to learn colours

There are so many different fun ways for kids to learn about colours. You can do colour exploration, matching and mixing activities with toddlers, preschoolers and older kids using: paint and liquid watercolours loose parts, including buttons and glass gems paint chips wooden clothes pegs and craft sticks paper, paper plates and cardboard stickers egg… Continue reading Cool ways to learn colours

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20 fabulous bird feeders

If you are looking for a fun activity to get your kids outdoors, these bird feeders are a great project that you can do together.  It's also a great opportunity for your kids to do some bird watching and learn more about the different kinds of birds that are attracted to your garden and the… Continue reading 20 fabulous bird feeders

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Train crafts for kids

My son is currently obsessed with trains (or anything with wheels!), so today we are sharing some of our favourite train crafts for kids. You can make trains with: egg cartons cardboard tubes shoeboxes corks and buttons construction paper paint and sponges paint and rocks/stones wooden craft sticks, spools, blocks and crates Trains can also… Continue reading Train crafts for kids