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Delightful drawing prompts for kids

Drawing is a fantastic, simple, fun activity that kids can do, anywhere, anytime - especially when they might be getting bored or cranky.  All they need is some simple art supplies and an idea of what to draw.  If they find it hard to come up with an idea, drawing prompts can give them a… Continue reading Delightful drawing prompts for kids

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Creative self portraits for kids

Self portraits are a great way for kids to express their own unique personality and creativity. They can also be used to illustrate themselves as superheroes, mermaids or other imaginative characters. Self portraits can be just faces, where kids focus on their different facial features, like the colour and shape of their eyes. as well… Continue reading Creative self portraits for kids

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Fabulous fabric scrap crafts

Do you have a pile of fabric scraps lying around at home?  Don't throw them away! You can turn them into some fabulous things, like: hair accessories dolls, games and toys keychains and bracelets hot/cold packs and small bags wreaths bookmarks flowers belts bunting and wall hangings twine Here are some of our favourite fabric… Continue reading Fabulous fabric scrap crafts

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Magnificent mandala art

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "circle" and is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe.  Mandalas have been used for centuries for meditation and creating art. Some of the benefits of mandala art for kids: expressing creativity and feelings calming and relaxing developing fine motor skills, focus and concentration learning maths… Continue reading Magnificent mandala art

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Radical recycled robots

Your recycling bin is the perfect source of junk art materials for your kids to make their own radical robots!  They can get really creative using their own combination of: aluminium foil bottle tops and lids cardboard boxes, spools and tubes egg cartons paper bags plastic bottles and whatever other bits and pieces you can… Continue reading Radical recycled robots