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20 creative Christmas tree crafts

If you have spent any time on Pinterest lately, you will notice that there are a LOT of Christmas craft ideas for kids!  So many, in fact, that we now have nearly 500 on our Christmas crafts board!  Over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our favourites.

The first in our series is a collection of Christmas tree crafts, including:

  • Christmas tree ornaments made with scrap fabric, yarn, felt, clay, cupcake liners, paper and beads, and natural materials
  • Christmas tree clay pinch pots
  • Christmas tree cards made with ribbons, fingerprint art and coloured-in silhouettes
  • Christmas trees painted with forks, sponges and scrapers
  • Christmas trees made with paper and paper plates

creative christmas crafts for kids

Scrap fabric tree ornaments from Fireflies and Mud Pies


Yarn wrapped Christmas tree ornaments from Easy Peasy and Fun


Felt Christmas tree ornaments from Living Well Mom


Cupcake liner Christmas tree ornaments from One Perfect Day


Homemade Christmas ornaments – paper and bead trees from Kids Craft Room


Cinnamon stick tree ornaments from Crafts Unleashed/Consumer Crafts


Christmas tree leaf ornaments from Mother Natured


Fingerprint salt dough Christmas trees from Emma Owl


Christmas tree pinch pot from The imagination tree


Ribbon tree Christmas cards from Danya Banya


Reverse fingerprint Christmas tree card from Rhythms of Play


DIY silhouette Christmas cards from Easy Peasy and Fun


Fork painted Christmas tree from The Pinterested Parent

fork painted tree

Shape Christmas tree sponge painting from Buddy and Buggy

sponge painted tree

Paint scrape Christmas tree art from hello, Wonderful

paint scrape christmas tree

Handprint Christmas tree from The Best Ideas for Kids


Tissue paper Christmas tree from Wunder Mom

tissue paper tree

Paper plate Christmas tree from Non Toy Gifts


3D paper plate Christmas trees from Pink Stripey Socks

paper plate trees

Paper plate Christmas tree whirligig from Red Ted Art


UPDATE: I just had to add this pinecone Christmas tree craft from Mother Natured


What is your child’s favourite Christmas tree craft?

You can find heaps more fun Christmas crafts for kids on our Pinterest page here.


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