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Train crafts for kids

My son is currently obsessed with trains (or anything with wheels!), so today we are sharing some of our favourite train crafts for kids.

You can make trains with:

  • egg cartons
  • cardboard tubes
  • shoeboxes
  • corks and buttons
  • construction paper
  • paint and sponges
  • paint and rocks/stones
  • wooden craft sticks, spools, blocks and crates

Trains can also be used to help kids learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colours.

Why not add in some of your kids’ favourite books about trains to make it even more fun?!


train crafts for kids


Egg carton train from The Craft Train


Steam: The little engine that could from Sugar Spice and Glitter

steam train

Toilet paper roll train craft from Kids Activities Blog

toilet paper roll train

Shoebox train craft for kids from Cutesy Crafts


Cork train craft from The Pinterested Parent

cork train

Alphabet train with free printable from Stay at Home Educator


Shape train matching activity from Toddler Approved

shapes train

Teach preschoolers shapes with a train craft from The Moments at Home

shapes train 2

Sponge painted train craft inspired by Freight Train from Buggy and Buddy

sponge painted train

Train rocks for teaching colors from Color Made Happy


Simple wood crafts: train with tracks from

wood train.jpg

How to make a crate train from

crate train

What is your kids’ favourite train to make?

You can find heaps more fun transport crafts on our Pinterest page here.

Here are some of my son’s favourite books about trains that your kids might like too:



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